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angelic.ai is an Artificial Intelligence research firm developing and delivering compelling customer experiences


We work with early-stage startups and large companies alike on everything from crafting needfinding interviews and user studies to creating design sketches and prototypes of their future AI masterpieces.

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We develop end-to-end machine learning and data modeling solutions, as well as consult in-house engineering teams. We've worked with clients in industries ranging from education to fraud prevention, designing custom strategies based on cutting-edge research.

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Whoohoo! Launching [sometimes literally] is just the beginning. We help clients continuously monitor and iterate on their machine learning and data science solutions to meet evolving expectations.

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"The Best way to predict the future is to invent it" –Alan Kay


We have collaborated with universities, startups, Fortune 100 companies, government organizations, and non-profits on technology that pushes the boundaries of Human-Centered AI. Here are a few, public projects we are especially proud of...


Behavioral Biometric Authentication

You can tell a lot about a user by their online behavior. We use mouse movements and other behavioral biometrics analytics to detect session hijacking and other fraudulent activity, in a fast developing branch of cybersecurity known as active authentication.

Ecological Forecasting

Space satellite imagery can tell us a lot about changes in topography, land use, and even population density in countries around the world. This enables data-driven decision-making on everything from urban planning in North Carolina to reforestation in Rwanda.

Machine Creativity

What frontier lies beyond Machine Learning? We believe it is Machine Creativity. Ongoing projects include next-generation chatbots and deep learning networks that can generate custom recipes based on the ingredients in your fridge. See recent press from the BBC.

Fun Facts

43 Finished projects
1743409 Lines of code
1002 Cups of coffee [and tea!]
22 Happy clients


A few of the ways we help our clients develop amazing technology...

Human-Centered AI Design

We leverage principles of design thinking to redefine problems as opportunities. We believe that AI is first and foremost a tool to improve humanity, and we are committed to developing solutions that do so.

Machine Learning

When APIs just won't cut it, angelica.ai helps clients develop, custom, robust and agile ML solutions. We pride ourselves on constantly learning [and creating] the latest techniques in machine intelligence.

Computer Vision

Computers that can see and understand the world around them are exponentially more powerful and can unlock incredible new experiences for customers, and increase productivity in factories, processes, and supply chains.

Natural Language Processing & Understanding

NLP&U is a powerful force driving solutions at most major organizations, it has become a necessity, and in some cases an arms race for developing compelling experiences for customers. We help our clients stay ahead of the game.

Recommendation Engines

TThese engines are made famous for driving sales at Amazon, and growth at Netflix; however, these intuitive systems can be powerful tools for everything from energy efficiency to personalized learning.

Predictive Analytics

We believe every decision should be data-driven. From A/B testing to customer retention projection models, we develop data collection and analytics strategies that our clients ♥


Under the leadership of Human-Centered AI researcher Angelica Willis, angelic.ai is supported by a consortium of consultants, including AI experts, business strategists, and venture capitalists.


Angelica Willis


I am a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, and an AI researcher at Google. I started angelic.ai as a NSF Graduate Research fellow studying AI and Human-Computer Interaction at Stanford University. I've also had amazing experiences working on Machine Learning projects at Apple, NASA, and Bank of America.

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Alexis Candelaria

Lead Front End Dev Consultant

I am an entrepreneur and mobile developer who has worked in various industries, launching products at companies like Slack and Ernest.


Lakshmi Manoharan

Senior AI Consultant

I am an entrepreneur and former academic AI researcher at Stanford University. I am passionate about bringing AI out of the research archives and into the real world. I’ve had awesome experiences working on AI at Microsoft and Salesforce.


Yenny Dominguez

Lead Data Engineering Consultant

As a Senior Data Engineer, I’ve spent much of my career leading extreme-scale projects for the U.S. Government—I have a BIG spot in my heart for BIG data.


Dennis Azorlibu

Lead Technical Branding Consultant

I am an experienced systems engineer (semiconductors), at Intel. I now leverage my inner creator, designer, strategist and developer to help clients tell compelling stories with technology.



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Daniella Gutlansky

Lead Growth Engineering & Strategy Consultant

I am an MBA candidate in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University who has enjoyed an extensive career in engineering at Google and Waze.

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